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Welcome to the Puppet Hut!

The Puppet Hut is Europe's largest specialist puppet and ventriloquism shop and we know a thing or two when it comes to puppets!

We are the leading choice for childrens puppets, ventriloquist puppets, ventriloquist dummies, custom built puppets and one off creations. Our puppets are used around the World by leading ventriloquists and puppeteers but we also supply and build for TV companies, Theatre productions, schools, youth groups and many other applications. All of our puppets are chosen for their look, quality and ease of use.

As well as offering UK, Europe and International mail order we have a BRICKS AND MORTAR shop and puppet building studio and workshop located in close to Gatwick and Brighton, West Sussex just off the M23. Feel free to come and see us and check out the biggest range of specialist puppets in Europe or find out how we can help with your latest project. At present the shop is open to visitors on Saturdays only however we can often accommodate you at other times - Just drop us a line.

Don't see the puppet you need ? Have any questions ? We can help and offer FREE advise on all things puppet!Simply drop us an email, call us on the number given or use the chat box down on the bottom right of this screen. We look forward to speaking with you or processing your order!

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